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+375 (29) 662 16 18

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The primary objective is to treat, rehabilitate and return wild birds to their natural habitat. Any birds which cannot return to nature are kept and cared for by the organization. As of today (the 11th of November, 2018), there are about 70 such birds. Swans, storks, owls, hen harriers have been brought to us from all over the country.

The organization has been operating since 2013, when it initially formed part of the “The Birds’ Yard” initiative. In 2017 “Nature Protection” was registered as a private institution established to help wild birds which get into trouble.


  • To preserve Belarus’ biodiversity
  • To contribute to the promotion of a loving and humane attitude towards animals and nature

Goals and Objectives

  • To help wild birds which get into trouble (the main goal)
  • To treat, rehabilitate and return wild birds to their natural habitat
  • To keep and care for birds which can not return to nature

Сollection of funds

  • To build a winter house for birds which cannot be outside in winter
  • To reconstruct old aviaries
  • For veterinary fees and medical supplies

Contact information

номера контактных телефонов ЧПУ Охрана природы

+375 (29) 668 47 31, Joan‎
+375 (29) 662 16 18, Alexander

электронная почта ЧПУ Охрана природы


Адрес ЧПУ Охрана природы

Belarus, Moiseevichi village, Rechnaya St., h. 29
Postcode: 213759
Geographic coordinate:
53.218043, 28.276990

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